The electronics became elementary

The discovery of the electricity was a big step in the human history, it influences every day of our life. Probably we should talk about the ancient Romans and Greeks first time related by the history of electronics, but they probably didn’t really know what they were doing, so we have to start with the modern periods. It is very important that many individuals contributed to create the base of electronics with hundreds or thousands of electrical experiments.


The modern starting was in the XIX. century, when there were many synchronous important discoveries in this field, but we have to notice also some very important people, who lived later, with significant discoveries, like William Gilbert, Leydan Jar, Benjamin Franklin, or Charles Coulomb. In the XIX. century we had important discoveries and people like Alessandro Volta, Hans Christian Oersted, Andre Ampere, Georg Simon Ohm, Michael Faraday, James Prescott Joule, Gustav Kirchhoff, Sir Charles Wheatstone and many others. In the 20th century there were thousands of important discoveries in almost every year, it is impossible to mention all of them.


There is a big category of it, the home (or consumer) electronics what are in use in every day, mostly in communication, office productivity and entertainment. At the beginning of the 20th century, the radio broadcasting was discovered, so the broadcast receiver became the first major consumer product. Later, in this market appeared a lot of major consumer products, like PC, telephones, MP3 players, televisions, GPS, digital cameras and others. The market of electronics became the biggest one in the whole world.

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