Starting out hobby electronics – 1st part

There are many people, who are interested in electronics, but they didn’t make professional studies in this field. The most important thing when someone starts the hobby electronics is to build a kit of some essential tools. The starters can buy very simply an electronic hobby kit; there are very simple kits of this. Then the starter has to choose a project, he/she has to build something using only the tools, what are in the purchased tool. Some people starts the hobby electronics with some pieces based on microcontrollers, but if we want to understand how the electric circuits are functioning, we have to avoid microcontrollers.

hobby electronics

The beginner has to collect some very important tools at the beginning, like soldering iron and solder, wire cutters, wire strippers and a pair of small pliers. There are some optional tools, what aren’t so important at the starting, but they can be useful, in this category we can mention the screwdrivers, a soldering iron stand, disordering tool, wooden board, or a multimeter (test equipment). All of the electronic wires and components are color-coded, so the good color vision is necessary for this field.


Everybody needs the ability to work with very small things, because the most part of hobby electronics components are really small. It cannot work without the ability of self-discipline, because the developing needs learning and understanding in the electronics. There are many interesting parts of the hobby electronics, like amateur radio, and the good part is that everybody can start this without any prior studies.

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