Fun facts about the largest consumer electronics show

The CES is the largest consumer electronics show; the last of it took place in Las Vegas, between 6th and 9th of January, 2015. It is impossible to know everything about a huge show like this, but there are some interesting facts about it. The International Consumer Electronics Show is very interesting for a lot of people, so it is a good idea to know also some fun facts about it. The size of the show was really large; the 1.18 million square feet of floor place could be enough for this show. It would take 393 basketball courts to cover this large place.

consumer electronics

An Olympic swimmer would have to make 483 laps of swimming in the usual pool to cover the length of the floor. Every year a lot of products are lunched at this show, we can imagine more than 20,000 products. The first consumer electronics show was held in 1967, and it wasn’t that big, like nowadays. The attendance of 17,500 people was not that low in that time, but correlate with the 150,000 people, what was the attendance in 2013, it is. The media is present massively, in 2013, 5000 people were there from the media, this is the double amount of the Super Bowl media presence.


There are some legendary and elementary home electronics, what were lunched first time at this show. The VCR (1970), the Nintendo Entertainment System (1985), the Tetris (1988), or the Xbox (2001) were first time released on this consumer electronics show. In every year, there are released a lot of big products, but of course, some controversial electronics too.

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