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Courier software for monthly fee

There is a perfect tool for you if you work for a delivery service! The Mav-it presents its new courier software which can be very useful for dispatchers and couriers. Furthermore, the program can help the also the customers of the company, because it has three different web interfaces.

The courier software is also available on Android, so one can use it on smartphones as well. The program makes a sound if a new task arrives which is very beneficial for the couriers.

courier software


Basic information about home electronics – 2nd part

The cheap and good home electronics are based in Bell’s invention, because the invention of the transistor and after it, the semiconductors led the whole filed to the good quality, cheap products. If we want to define the notion of home electronics, we can say that this term refers to practically any devise, what contains an electronic circuit board, and what is used for everyday by individual people. The main home electronics are based on digital technologies. There is a trend of ever-falling prices, what is perceivable at every type of consumer electronics.

consumer electronics



Basic information about home electronics – 1st part

The home electronics or consumer electronics are electronic equipment, what are important in people’s everyday use. There is much equipment in this category, because the modern people use a lot of electronic systems in their houses. We use these products the most often in the office productivity, in the entertainment and in the communications. The “brown goods” is a term used by the producers and sellers, when they are talking about these products – but this term is mostly used in the speech area of British English.


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Some remarks about digital electronics

Digitalization is a process that consists of converting continuous analog signals into a finite number of discrete states. The digital electronics or digital electronic circuits are an interesting part of the whole domain. The numbers and words are good examples for digital information; we can manipulate them only by techniques of digital electronics. The digital electronics represent more advantages compared to analog circuits, for example, the digital signals can be transmitted due to noise, so there is no degradation.

digital electronics


Starting hobby electronics – 2nd part

The electronics are important in many fields; it is used by professionals, but by beginners too. When somebody starts to make hobby electronics, the first thing is to learn some basic electronics, it is strongly recommended to start with the basic theories. We cannot start to make any hobby electronics without learning about the amplifier, averages, circuits, clippers and limiters, electromagnetism, heat or light.

hobby electronics


Starting out hobby electronics – 1st part

There are many people, who are interested in electronics, but they didn’t make professional studies in this field. The most important thing when someone starts the hobby electronics is to build a kit of some essential tools. The starters can buy very simply an electronic hobby kit; there are very simple kits of this. Then the starter has to choose a project, he/she has to build something using only the tools, what are in the purchased tool. Some people starts the hobby electronics with some pieces based on microcontrollers, but if we want to understand how the electric circuits are functioning, we have to avoid microcontrollers.

hobby electronics


The electronics became elementary

The discovery of the electricity was a big step in the human history, it influences every day of our life. Probably we should talk about the ancient Romans and Greeks first time related by the history of electronics, but they probably didn’t really know what they were doing, so we have to start with the modern periods. It is very important that many individuals contributed to create the base of electronics with hundreds or thousands of electrical experiments.