Basic information about home electronics – 1st part

The home electronics or consumer electronics are electronic equipment, what are important in people’s everyday use. There is much equipment in this category, because the modern people use a lot of electronic systems in their houses. We use these products the most often in the office productivity, in the entertainment and in the communications. The “brown goods” is a term used by the producers and sellers, when they are talking about these products – but this term is mostly used in the speech area of British English.


home electronics

The first major home electronics were the broadcast receivers, what appeared after discovering of the radio broadcasting. The television was a really interesting invention, but it wasn’t a significant consumer product until the 1950s, what is an interesting fact. In this field, the invention of the transistor was very significant; it influenced the whole field of the electricity and electronic products. Later, many types of consumer electronics appeared in almost every house of the modern countries. Until this moment, we have so many home electronics type, that is impossible to list all of them, but there are some really popular in the whole world, like personal computer, MP3 players, calculators, GPS automotive electronics, or digital cameras.

The most part of these consumer electronics are almost in every single house of Europe and United States, but in the other continents are popular too. In 2007, the Consumer Electronics Association estimated the consumer electronics sales of that year at 150 billion US dollars, what is an incredible number.

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